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Oceanic climate deep in the mountain... Well-being of body, mind of soul...

Relax in the only salt health cave in Western Europe. Lying on a wooden cot, wrapped in soft and cozy covers. Forget about the stress of everyday life or listen to our popular concerts of relaxation. Escape the stress of daily life..


When is it possible to visit us?

Entrance in the morning: Once daily at 11 am (november to april) or

Once daily at 9.30 am (mai to october) .

Trial lesson: normally Fridays at 2 pm.

Entrance in the afternoon: at 2 pm


How to know if our mine is suitable for you?

Our mine is luckily suitable for everyone, the most important ingredient is the calmness of our guests. The health cave is best for children of 6 years and older. For families, we offer a child program (for example fairy-tale hours) on a regular basis.


Because of the protection from  – outside influences, through millions of tons of rocksalt and the geomantically location, the health cave appeals to our visitors who want to improve their health, as well as to those who seek relaxation from everyday life.


Useful Information

It is necessary to book your entrance prior to your actual visit.

We also have a huge parking lot located about 5 min walking distance away from the actual mine. (Salzburger Str. 24)

Please think of bringing warm and comfortable clothes, including socks to ensure a enjoyable visit!

You can pick up your tickets 20 minutes prior to the entrance, at our office across the street.

Your entrance and exit will be trough a traditional train ride of about 4 minutes.

We have got plenty of blankets and hot-water bottles at need.

Sanitary facilities are also located inside the mountain.

The health cave is located 750 meters horizontal into the mountain.

The health cave itself covers 850 square meters with a room height of 6 meters.

Humidity is at about 80 %.

The temperature inside varies from 12 to 14 degrees.

Salinity is at 0,006 mg per cubic meter.



Entrance in the morning:

1 entrance/ 2 hours: 24€

4 entrances/ 2 hours: 89€

10 entrances/ 2 hours: 209€

Entrance in the afternoon:

Trial lesson: 16€

Child program/ 2 hours: children up to 12 years 12€

                                            Children above the age of 12 18€

2 hour entrance with relaxing music playing through a CD: 28€

Relaxation live concerts 2 or 3 hours:  34/39 €

(1 € discounts for guestcards on single entrances)

Entrances with a sleepover:

From 109€



Morning entrance

Salty air – Oceanic climate deep in the mountain

The morning entrance is a stay for about 2 hours, including the entrance and exit with the train. You will find silence and the sound of the salt fountain alternately. For guests who want to spend time reading their favorite book, we have got comfortable reading loungers with separate lamps. We recommend this entrance to all visitors, who visit the health cave for health purposes or treatment. This entrance is daily. For having a first impression of the salt health cave  we offer a „trial lesson“ for about an hour. The salty air inside the cave has a anti-allergic effect and is also anti-inflammatory and is solvent for slime and cramps. It also calms the breathing.



Entrances in the afternoon – Duration 2 hrs / Concerts 3 hrs:

All entrances in the afternoon have a live program in contrary to the entrances in the morning.

They all begin at 2 pm and the meeting point is scheduled for 1:30 pm.

In a world where daily life gets faster from day to day, relaxation and stress relief gets more important. Our programs grew steadily more and more popular, even with people who are already  leading a healthy life. Wrapped in cozy and warm blankets, breathing the salty air, everybody can give themselves in to our programs and drift away comfortably.


Breathe consciously

Lead by Friederike Bauer

Find  your inner peace again with carefully chosen breathing- and attentiveness exercises.


Deep relaxation while listening to tibetian  sound bowls

Lead by Hilde Bauhofer

The harmonious transitions from sound to silence will guide you into a world of well-being and deep relaxation


Relaxing Music CD

The sounds of nature and various musical instruments invite you to dream and relax and were recorded solely for this purpose.


Treat yourself

Lead by Hilde Bauhofer

Experience and learn from the progressive muscle relaxation after Jacobsen, while being in the soothing atmosphere of the salt healing mine accompanied by the soft sounds of the singing bowls.


Travel through dreams

Lead by Anja Meise

Powerful guided journeys to your inner self and to other worlds.


Silence in the mountain – Meditation

Lead by Rüdiger Wienecke

Learning about the life energy Qi, is practiced in the far east since the beginning of time. All for the goal to find the inner balance between Ying and Yang.


Concerts – Duration 2 hours:


Songs from the heart

Lead by Paul Freh (singer and musician)

Spirituality, Kids, Love, Desperation, Nature & Mountains… these are the things the Musician from Salzburg sings about in his songs: with his magnificent voice, his guitar or just acoustic.


Entrances to relax – Duration 3 hours


Journey of the senses through the four elements

Lead by Sabine Rechtenbach and Mechthild Gebhard

Over different sensory impressions, like playing with sound and colour, accompanied by stories, your body, mind and soul will dive deep into the energy of the elements through meditative journeys.


Magic of the singing bowls

Lead by Anja Meise

Dive into the healing sounds, deep into the mountain and far away from all the stress.


Relaxation entrances – Duration 3 hours


Your spirit animal

Shaman journey and sounds

Lead by Anja Meise (Shaman)

Through a guided shaman journey you can get to know your spirit animal or intensify our contact with it – all inside a guarded and sacred room.


Sound journey – chakra balance

Lead by Anja Meise (Shaman)

Through a guided shaman journe you can feel the energy of your seven main chakras and bring them into balance all inside a guarded, sacred room.


Magic Avalon

Lead by Anja Meise (Shaman)

Healing and meditative sounds flow through your body and every cell of it.


Magic full moon

Whole femininity

Lead by Anja Meise (Women only)

A meditative and healing sound experience for women.


Magical drum and sound journey

Lead by Anja Meise (Shaman)

A magical journey to your inner self awaits you.


Concerts – Duration 3 hours


Wind of the east

Eastern and western sound systems dance with each other.

Their double-voiced singing is the climax of intensity and tenderness.


Earth & Sea

Lead by Paul Freh and Chris Amrhein

The legendary concert of the singers and musicians.

Calm. Wild. Magical. Full of energy. Unbelievable song unite to a experience for the senses.


Od*Chi – alpine sound journey

Od*Chi of the Berchtesgadener Land takes you away to a journey of sound with its sonorous world-music in archaic dimensions. Definitely worth a journey, especially in this place, the womb of mother earth.


Magical dance of the souls

Lead by Anja Meise and Bernie Rothauer

A magical journey to yourself and your seven main chakras: from mediative to fiery. Depp inside the mountain, surronded by mother earth you can give yourself away to the earthly sound of the drums.


Sound dreams by heart

By Herbert Walter and Christian Schnitter

Warm, percussive sounds and filigrane plays of sound are the base of the three-piece event.


Rooted deeply

Lead by Paul Freh

Silence is the song of the mountain. This concert is the sound of our roots, which connect us to the earth.


Jazz to dream

Lead by Johannes Steinacker

Johannes Steinacker plays Jazz and Swing. Melodies to lean back und enjoy.


Classical music to dream

Lead by Johannes Steinacker.

Listen to classical music and relax. The multiply awarded pianist Johannes Steinacker will have you dreaming with his beautiful masterpieces.


Child program

Enchantig fairy-tale reading accompanied by our salt fairy and her salt goblin. Thrilling stories for every age.


Trial lesson

An entrance to get to know and get to love our salt health cave. Enjoy relaxing on a lounger, the calm and the atmosphere – all cuddled up warm and neatly.



Our overnight stays are especially intense and unique experience.

The possibility to sleep inside a salt mountain and listen to the enchanting sounds combines the healthy and positive effects of the health with a unique experience.


  • Sleeping bag, plenty of blankets, hot-water bottles
  • Warm and cold drinks – tea, water
  • Breakfast


Salimutra Night

In the healing room of love and unity

Lead by Chris Amrhein and Eva Denk

Through the unique combination of word and sound a special healing room opens for ou and leads you with words of the spiritual world and healing sounds into a new dimension of love and unity.

It´s all about the deepest healing inside of us and about the return home to our soul, ultimately to open up again for our own way on this earth.

Over- and undertone singing and mantras lead back to the home of our souls.


Night of the magic sounds

Lead by Paul Freh and Chris Amrhein

A night for a relaxing recovery and  enjoyment. We play in coordinated cycles, calm and powerful songs. This change takes everybody out on a journey. Our guests are invited to close their eyes and open up their hearts and to just listen. A journey of sound with overtone singing, special chosen songs of the heart, concerts to fall to sleep with a sea of singing bowls, being in silence, a good morning concert and a common breakfast.


Dream of salt night

„Night of being“

On this night you can feel the special atmosphere of the healing mine very intense. The silence inside of the mountain is a impressing experience. It comes to a conclusion with a common breakfast.


A night in magic dream world

Lead by Anja Meise

You enjoy special experiences? Searching for a adventure away from daily life?

A magical night in a special atmosphere… relaxed and secure… surrounded by mother earth! Instruments being played intuitive, like singing bowls, koshis, drums etc. and energetic singing of the soul create a swinging room of harmony und ease! Healing, mediative sounds and consciously produced energy flow through every single one of your cells. Far away from noise and everyday life: here you can go on a very individual journey with me… I´m looking forward to you!


Exclusive use of the location for your personal events

The only salt health cave in Western Europe, located in one of the most beautiful alpine scenery.

Use the magical atmosphere of this unique place and book your memorable event. It can be used for corporate events, teambuilding, seminars or concerts. Your event will be an unforgettable one!

We will plan your event according to your wishes and assist you with a full service organisation.


For questions about a possible cost acquisition of your visit contact your health insurance company, because it´s their choice to decide individual cases.

The best and long lasting effects – especially for chronic diseases – are based on our experience, recognizable when our visitors go inside the cave on a daily basis for about a week time.


Indications            Improvements in %

Asthma   76%

Bronchitis 76%

Sinusitis 71%

Tinnitus 43%

Allergies 74%

Hay fever 89%

Neurodermatitis 92%

Insomnia 74%

Depression 71%

Rheumatism 80%

Exhaustion 94%

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